About College

Welcome to Shree Santakrupa Shikshan Sanstha's College of Pharmacy, Ghogaon

DTE Code - D6126 & MSBTE - 0763

Shree Santkrupa Shikshan Sanstha's College of Pharmacy(D.Pharm) , Ghogaon has been started in 2006 and Shree Santkrupa College of Pharmacy has been started in 2004 with the view of fulfilling the needs of the rising pharmacy profession by donating professionally competent & technically skilled pharmacy graduates. Many of our faculty members hold with research experience and are keen to provide the students, a better mission, which will help them to excel both in research as well as academic field.

The efforts put on by our faculty, reflects upon the academic results.


  • To develop pharmacy profession through quality education.
  • To produce professionally competent pharmacists to meet to challenges of the rising pharmacy field.
  • To enlighten the vision of scientific insight in pharmacy students for the betterment of pharmacy research.
  • To mould responsible and committed Pharmacists, who can serve the society with other members of health care team.
  • To correlate theoretical knowledge with industrial application as well as hospital practices and establish a center for excellence in the field of Pharmacy.


Making of an ideal Pharmacist, who can cater the needs of challenging Pharmacy profession.


  • To be recognized as one of leading institutes of pharmacy education in the nation to cater the need of pharmacy profession and society.


  • To impart quality education in the field of pharmacy.
  • To ensure all-round development of the students.
  • To enable the student to make valuable contribution to the various facets of the field of pharmacy and contribute to improving the quality of life.

PEO 1: KNOWLEDGE: The students shall equip with knowledge and skills to successfully compete for entry level position in industry or pursue higher education B. Pharm or in related field.
PEO 2: PROFESSIONAL ETHICS:The students shall equip with integrity and ethical values so that they become responsible pharmacist.
PEO 3: Entrepreneurship : The students shall become entrepreneur and cater the need of society.
PEO 4: LIFE LONG LEARNING: The student shall continuously strive to expand his or her knowledge to maintain professional competence.
PEO 5: LEADERSHIP AND TEAM WORK: The students shall develop the ability to function effectively both as team member and as leader at the workplace and demonstrate appropriate interpersonal behaviour.